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Museum News – Jawa Pos

Dutch Collector ready to share Collection

By: Gunawan Sutanto, September 9, 2016

Surabaya. Good news for ’10 November Museum’ at Tugu Pahlawan. A Dutch museum is offering them a collection that is related to the war-history of Surabaya. The collection that they are discussing includes KNIL uniforms. The offer came from Bevrijdings (Liberation) Museum Zeeland.

John (Gert-Jan) de Rooij said as the museum founder that many of his collection is related to the war in Indonesia. “Not whole our collection from Dutch veterans is displayed. We keep many of the items in stock, when Surabaya needs it for the museum to display, we can help ” John says.

Besides accessories from Dutch veterans, they also have Indonesian items such as kris, pins, and insignia. Probably taken from Indonesian freedom fighters who got caught.

Tugu Pahlawan museum says that they need uniforms for display and also documentary photos. John will see what he can do; he will need a formal letter from the museum in which they explain about what kind of items they are interested in, including a motivation.

Neng Resti as the head of the museum says that she will make notes to list what kind of items or collection they need. Many displayed items at the museum are from society. Including Dutch helmets and old rifles that were given by Ady Setyawan, the founder of Roodebrug community.

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[Originally published in Indonesian, translated by Ady Setyawan & Marjolein van Pagee. Please send us an e-mail if you think you can improve the translation:]