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Questions Jeffry Pondaag Round Table Discussion NIOD

Questions Jeffry Pondaag Round Table Discussion January 31, 2019, NIOD (5 minute video):

[For full video coverage of this meeting see Facebook live stream Part I and Part II.]

Jeffry Pondaag: “When you talk about “Indonesia” it is a falsification of history. What right does the Netherlands have to occupy a country 18,000 km away and see it as “Dutch property”? The Netherlands says that the transfer of sovereignty took place on December 27, 1949. As long as this is the case, Dutch researchers cannot speak of “Indonesia.” That means that the Netherlands, the so-called “Dutch-Indies government”, which was illegal, murdered and executed their own “subjects”. I think, and not only me, there are more people that agree with me, we think that you should start with the beginning. We are human beings! Who are not seen as human beings! The Netherlands only applies the tactic of “divide and impera.” You have no idea how my family has been torn apart! And then you talk about the Bersiap in this way… The question is: Who were those people that committed the crimes of the Bersiap? Who are they? Indonesians? How can you think that! On the website of your government it is written: 27 December 1949, the transfer of sovereignty. Until now!”