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Seminar “Colonial Legacies Today” part I

Video registration seminar “Colonial Legacies Today: Indonesia and the Netherlands” 18 May 2019 At IIRE, Amsterdam.
Video Part I – Morning session 10:00 – 12:00

Introduction: Dr. Max Lane and Marjolein Van Pagee
Video Message: Francisca Pattipilohy

Presentations: Michael van Zeijl (Majority Perspective) & Dr. Prof. Jan Breman & Discussion from floor

Time codes:
Dr. Max Lane @00:00 min.
Marjolein van Pagee @02:40 min.
Franscisca Pattipilohy @07:13 min.
Michael van Zeijl @24:08 min.
Dr. Prof. Breman @42:06 min.
Discussion @1:13:23

Video credits: Bayu Junaid, Marjolein van Pagee, ©Archive Colonial Legacies Today