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Indonesia Merdeka – Roelof Kiers VPRO

Famous documentary “Indonesia Merdeka” from 1976 by Dutch cineast Roelof Kiers. With English subtitles. Interviews about the run-up to the Indonesian war of independence, with Mohammad Hatta, Abdul Haris Nasution, T.B. Simatupang, and Ruslan Abdulgani, amongst others. The interviewees discuss the nature of Dutch imperialism in the Dutch East Indies, its character as a police state and the lack of political and economic rights for Indonesians. It also sheds light on the Japanese occupation and the ‘give and take’ relationship between the Indonesians and the Japanese.

Part II:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:25 Marius Marsman, director Kali Selogiri Plantation
00:11:19 Ruslan Abdulgani on Indonesia Muda and discrimination in education
00:17:28 Mohamad Hatta on his childhood and experiences of colonial rule
00:23:57 PJ Koets, teacher and member ‘Stuw’ group
00:28:51 Marsman on ignorance about indendence movement among Dutch
00:34:30 Abdulgani on secret police PID
00:39:30 Tahi Bonar Simatupang on his time at the KNIL Academy and founding of TNI
00:43:12 Attack on Pearl Harbour and defeat of KNIL
00:50:47 Abdulgani about start of Japanese occupation and Jayabaya prophecy
00:59:05 Hatta about his cooperation with the Japanese
01:06:00 Abdul Haris Nasution on Japanese military training
01:10:36 Abdulgani on resistance against Japanese and status of Sukarno & Hatta
01:14:23 Hatta on the proclamation of independence
01:25:39 Simatupang and Abdulgani on reaction to proclamation
01:27:17 Abu Hanifah Dt. Marajo Ameh on disarming the Japanese
01:34:34 Nasution on Republican combat troups
01:40:00 Journalist Johan Fabricius on Bersiap period
01:48:30 Mrs Marsman on getting arrested by Republican forces
01:51:30 Abdulgani on the landing of British forces in Surabaya and the Battle of Surabaya