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Indonesia Merdeka – Roelof Kiers VPRO

Part II:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:25 Marius Marsman, director Kali Selogiri Plantation
00:11:19 Ruslan Abdulgani on Indonesia Muda and discrimination in education
00:17:28 Mohamad Hatta on his childhood and experiences of colonial rule
00:23:57 PJ Koets, teacher and member ‘Stuw’ group
00:28:51 Marsman on ignorance about indendence movement among Dutch
00:34:30 Abdulgani on secret police PID
00:39:30 Tahi Bonar Simatupang on his time at the KNIL Academy and founding of TNI
00:43:12 Attack on Pearl Harbour and defeat of KNIL
00:50:47 Abdulgani about start of Japanese occupation and Jayabaya prophecy
00:59:05 Hatta about his cooperation with the Japanese
01:06:00 Abdul Haris Nasution on Japanese military training
01:10:36 Abdulgani on resistance against Japanese and status of Sukarno & Hatta
01:14:23 Hatta on the proclamation of independence
01:25:39 Simatupang and Abdulgani on reaction to proclamation
01:27:17 Abu Hanifah Dt. Marajo Ameh on disarming the Japanese
01:34:34 Nasution on Republican combat troups
01:40:00 Journalist Johan Fabricius on Bersiap period
01:48:30 Mrs Marsman on getting arrested by Republican forces
01:51:30 Abdulgani on the landing of British forces in Surabaya and the Battle of Surabaya