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Michael van Zeijl confronts Rémy Limpach at UGM

On Tuesday October 8, 2019, Rémy Limpach presented the Indonesian translation of his book at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta. Majority Perspective-members Christa Soeters and Michael van Zeijl were there and confronted him with the double role of his institute NIMH in the Indonesian court cases and the government-sponsored research on 45-49.

In his comment Michael refers to the open letter of Jeffry Pondaag and Francisca Pattipilohy, which was sent to the Dutch government in November 2017 of which the content is still largely ignored by the government, the three institutes and Dutch mainstream media. The letter is signed by 144 individuals, among which 5 professors and also Libris Prize Winner Alfred Birney.

Video: Yongky Gigih Prasisko