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Press release Royal Dutch Historical Society – January 30 2024

Press release Royal Dutch Historical Society (Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap KNHG) January 30, 2024

Statement against the intimidation of Anne-Lot Hoek

With horror the Royal Dutch Historical Society (KNHG) has taken note of the intimidation by threatening content of historian and independent researcher Anne-Lot Hoek by activists who are (or were) involved in the Histori Bersama foundation and the KUKB foundation. Hoek is a respected scholar and publicist in the field of colonialism and the Indonesian war of independence. Her historical research and publications have led to parliamentary questions and motions, to follow-up research and to attention in the media and public debate. The KNHG considers the campaign against Hoek reprehensible and urges the activists who are (or were) involved in, or in the circle of Histori Bersama and KUKB, to stop this immediately and to respect academic freedom. It is unacceptable for an academic to be intimidated. Not only is this an infringement on the personal freedom and safety of the historian and her family in question, which makes it difficult for her to do her job, it is also an infringement of academic freedom and freedom of expression in general. Anyone who attacks a historian attacks us all. Intimidation and threats against historians concern the entire profession and threaten our democratic society. The KNHG therefore calls on historians to speak out against such practices and to stand up for beleaguered colleagues. In addition, the KNHG supports the Science Safe initiative, which supports scientists who are faced with threats, intimidation and hate reactions.
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